How to Pull Off the Great Gatsby-Inspired Wedding of Your Dreams

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The magic of The Great Gatsby and the era it represented was brought to life once again when it hit the theaters starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. And with the grandiose world that Baz Luhrmann recreated, a lot of today’s brides became drawn to the appeal of having a roaring 20s-inspired wedding.

If you’re thinking of pulling off your very own Great Gatsby-esque wedding, here are some important guidelines you need to take note of:

Sparkles, Feathers, and Pearls

This era is literally all about the glitz and glamour. Metallic hues (especially gold), creamy pearls, and feathers with flair, are all at the front and center when it comes to the accents that you should be utilizing throughout the wedding. All these should be even more highlighted with the bridal wear, accessories, and table décor. You can wear long strands of pearls as necklaces or as table accents, inject metallic gold touches to the reception decoration, and place hints of feathers in the centerpieces or on your own headpiece.

Flapper & Dropped-Waist Dresses & Headpieces

The main focal point of a Gatsby-inspired wedding is, of course, the bride’s wedding gown. Flapper and dropped-waist dresses are the go-to trends of this decade, which should also showcase intricate beadwork and embroidery, as well as the use of lace or mesh fabrics. As the bride, you can go for a floor-length frock while the rest of the entourage can simply opt for below-the-knee dresses that would still look just as sophisticated and chic. More importantly, don’t forget about the statement headpieces that would serve as the main accessory of the bride and bridesmaids. The best way to wear these headpieces is over the forehead area, but without fully covering it or getting too close to the eyes.

Gold & Art Deco

Another design style to incorporate into this kind of wedding party is touches of gold and art deco. Both of these would work best with invitations, souvenirs, reception area, and other wedding paraphernalia.

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