Tips on Choosing the Perfect Look For the Eccentric Bride

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Nowadays, the classical take on weddings are getting reinvented and taking on a more modern approach. Besides setting the theme for a more informal wedding party, the bridal look has also undergone several changes as today's brides look more into expressing their personal style rather than strictly sticking to tradition. If you consider yourself to be a contemporary bride, here are some tips on how you can make the eccentric look happen on your wedding day.
Remember that most modern-day bridal looks incorporate and exude a lot of character and personal style. How this can be manifested can be done in a number of details, designs, hues, and accessories. It can start with varying and more playful embellishments and beadwork, which are common design factors included in traditional wedding dresses as well. It may be hard at first to really zero in on the unique look to go for, so it’s highly recommended to take your time in browsing for inspiration pegs before you can arrive at the perfect bridal ensemble.
Depending on the look you’re going for—be it inspired by a past decade, a favorite movie of yours, and whatnot—you can seek to play up your bridal gown by having a gorgeous placement of accents such as beads, stones, feathers, fringes, and so on. If you’re not really feeling a whole lot of drama and fuss going into your dress, you can also go for a single standout accent or detail instead.
Other ways of expressing eccentricity in a bridal look are by deviating from the traditional white and going for a colored gown instead. It need not be something too bold, but even a pale pink or cream are perfect examples of keeping it somewhat classic yet modern.
Here at Elegant Bridal Designs, we offer a wide range of gorgeous wedding dresses and exquisite accessories that are befitting the modern-day bride and her whims. Browse through our collection to see the perfect dress to complement your eccentric style and motif. 

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