Your Basic Guide for Wedding Headwear - Veils, Hats, and Headpieces

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While there is no doubt that there is a lot to consider and much stress to endure when selecting wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses, and men’s suits and tuxedos, it is especially difficult to find the perfect wedding headgear such as veils, hats, and headpieces. After all, for many of us, a wedding may be the only time we wear many of these beautiful items.


Does anything say beautiful bride any better than does an elegant veil? I think not. However, some people view veils as being rather old fashioned and they are not as commonly worn as they once have been.

If you do decide to go with a veil, you ought to select your wedding gown first and then find a veil that matches it. If your gown is full length, look for a full-length veil. If your gown is short, go with a short veil. You will also find that your veil can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, going from simple lace coverings to those that are embedded with jewels. Oh, and do not forget to consider the shape of your face. Different shaped faces need different types of veils.


Unless you are really thinking outside the box, the bride and the bridesmaids will not wear hats except for fascinators which are kind of a combination hat/veil/headband. Being small, they can really accent a bridesmaid’s dress and add a bit of fun to the event. Of course, nothing that a bridesmaid wears should overshadow the bride and her outfit.

Off limits for the bridesmaids are big, floppy hats. However, these hats serve very well on wedding attendees.


A bridal headpiece may have or have not a veil. Some common wedding headpieces are tiaras, lace attached with a headband or pins, pearl-headed hairpins, and circlets, which are a type of stretchy, thin headband. Circlets are especially elegant thanks in part to their simplicity.

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